Digital Reality

Where virtual becomes real


Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality

Creating new, innovative and highly interactive experiences leveraging emerging technologies in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality fields.


Whether it is for rehabilitation, learning or pure entertainment, we strive for creating the right experience for every situation, either by compelling narratives, immersive environments or pure game mechanics.

Interaction systems

Developing new and better ways of interacting with systems by constructing virtual, diegetic or physical interfaces. Your device or system will be always within reach.

Complex interfaces

Creating and developing state-of-the-art and modern interfaces to enable intuitive software for everyday end-users.

Computer Vision

Enabling computers and systems to derive meaningful information from visual inputs, with the help of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

R&D Projects

"Made together with our excelent partners."



"From us to you."

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