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We believe in ambition, proximity, humbleness and honor

About us

A Data Intelligent Center focused on boosting its partners and clients´ success.

Internally and externally, Linovt cultivates the following values:
  • People are the most important thing;
  • Transparency on processes and results;
  • Integrity on everything we do;
  • Flexibility on adapting to one’s needs;
  • Merit reconnaisance.
We try to act as an asset on everything we do and our strategy consists on exploring the business areas and markets in which we identify ourselves as strong partners for any company.
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"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Smart Gadgets

Building the future

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Data Intelligence

Turning raw data into data insights

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Digital Reality

Where virtual becomes real

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"Be the change you want to see in the world."

R&D Projects

"Made together with our excelent partners."

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logos of projects

Sono ao Volante

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OPAS – Observatório Permanente do Abandono e Sucesso Escolar


"From us to you."

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Bee Genius

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Tourism Management

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Music Ark

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Mirage Blocks

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Romano's Mine

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Pool Party

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Project S.T.O.R.M.

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Fall Fish

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We strive to be ordinary people that focus on delivering extraordinary products


Hugo Lopes

Smart Gadgets Business Unit Manager at Linovt.<br><br>Before joining Linovt, he was part of Optimizer\'s I&D team, in the areas of Electronics and Automation.<br><br>He developed products like Yu\'muv, which included designing printed circuit boards, programming microcontrollers together with sensors, such as inertial measurement units, and with different types of communications, such as BLE (Bluetooth Low-Enegy), LoRa, WiFi, LTE-M/Nb-IoT.<br><br>In addition, he used machine learning algorithms applied to microcontrollers to classify sensor data. He woked as an Electronics and Automation Technician (10 years) for several companies, where he worked as an automation systems integrator for automated cells, including programming robotic arms.<br><br>In addition, he performed functions such as budgeting, sizing and implementing the electrical installations for different projects.<br><br>In addition, he provided support to Rally Dakar (2016,2017) for the first electric car in the competition as a specialized technitian, working in the maintenance, inspection and repair of the battery chargers. Also as a specialized technitian, he performed functions in the area of manufacture, repair and installation of low to medium power units, up to 300KVA, including client support abroad such as the UK, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Lebanon.<br><br>Has a Master\'s degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering by IPCA, several professional education certifications and two publications in international journals.

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